Notice: We will be kicking off our executive board recruiting this spring quarter! Please stay tuned for more information!


Our Mission

The University of Chicago Consulting Club is a student-run organization founded to help undergraduate and non-MBA graduate students learn about and prepare for careers in the consulting industry.The primary goal of the UCCC is to be a strong resource for students preparing for recruitment along both the short- and long-term timescales. To that end, we offer a variety of events, including:

  • Presentations by visiting consulting firms on a variety topics such as making the most of a summer internships and other general topics
  • Panel discussions with consultants in various phases of their careers in order to gain inside knowledge about the career path
  • Case competitions to provide further networking opportunities and exposure to real-life consulting cases
  • General professional development opportunities to help students become more competitive when approaching recruiters.
  • Although the majority of our members are interested in exploring careers in business management consulting, we welcome students who are pursuing careers in other consulting fields, including, but not limited to, human resources, (HR), information technologies (IT), search engine optimization (SEO), healthcare, biotechnology, and economic consulting.

    Our Events

    Panel Events

    UCCC's panel events are one of the most popular career events that bring in hundreds of students. Companies will either host a company-specific panel event with UCCC, or UCCC will invite a number of consultants from various companies to talk about consulting experiences. These sessions help students and companies connect.

    Networking Sessions

    UCCC often hosts networking sessions where students gather together to discuss cases, career strategies, and other business skills. These sessions are meant to strengthen the student consulting community while also increasing business knowledge. Last year, we held a weekly class on case interviews where students would hone their case interviewing skills while also making new connection.


    In addition to the smaller scale events that we hold throughout the academic year, UCCC also plans the Mini-MBA, one of the largest professional development events for students on campus. The Mini-MBA is held in the Spring of each year, and offers an opportunity for non-business students to get a taste of business fundamentals, including, but not limited to, economics, finance, and negotiation.

    Our Executive Board

    Name: Anthony Martinez
    Position: President
    Education: PhD Candidate
    Department: Chemistry
    Graduation Year: 2015

    Anthony is interested in applying the quantitative and analytical skills of a chemist to business-oriented endeavors.

    Name: Grace Chang
    Education: Undegraduate
    Department: Statistics, Economics
    Graduation Year: 2015

    Grace is interested in graphic design, data driven decision making, and business strategy.

    Name: Lina
    Education: Undegraduate
    Department: Economics
    Minor in English and Creative Writing
    Graduation Year: 2015

    Lina is interested in applying her
    broad interests through working with different clients in different industries and functions.

    Name: Negar Mirsattari
    Education: PhD Candidate
    Department: Computer Science
    Graduation Year: 2014

    Negar is interested in management consulting with special interests in technology and finance.

    Our Members


    The most active and interested members will be selected to present cases and companies to other members. This is meant to promote presentation and research skills while for the presenter while also helping other students. This coming year, UCCC will pilot its editorials program where members write articles about consulting and other business related topics. UCCC also holds social events for its members to strengthen its community.


    UCCC has a variety of resources that range from case sessions to online resources. These resources are meant for members only, meaning that members should contact for more information.

    Getting Involved

    UCCC is meant to be a resource for students and highly values hard work and dedication. We desire to help people tap into their potential and allow them to better reap the benefits from their hard work.

    To join, please sign up for our listhost here and be on the lookout for meetings and event!

    Our Employer Relationship

    If you represent a company and wish to hold an event with us or recieve a resume book, please email or We love working with companies and recruiting departments!

    Most Recent Resume Book:

    Our Photos

    Here are some pictures from our events!